Important Notice

09 March, 8pm UTC

The maintenance to our API is now complete.

Please update your websites to the latest version of our updater plugin – 4.2.0

You can find this in the API Downloads tab in your account area.

IMPORTANT: This version of the plugin introduces a major change to our API system. All earlier versions of our plugin will no longer work and will not be supported. We will be disabling access for them in the next 48 hours. So, it is crucial that you update as soon as possible.

If you encounter any problems, please contact our support.

04 March, 5.30pm UTC

All systems are now normal.

However, we are making changes to our API back-end to ensure that we can be more robust.

Therefore, our API service will be intermittent over the course of the next few days whilst those changes are implemented so again, we would recommend that you deactivate the API plugin and manually download.

We’ll let you know when the system is back up and running 100%.

Thanks for your patience.

04 March, 3am UTC

Our website is now stable and the attack is continuing to be mitigated.

Our API has reopened, however, we are rate limiting all requests, so would again encourage that, for the moment, please deactivate our plugin on your websites and manually download any needed files over the next couple of days.

Rest assured that your data is safe, this is just a malicious attempt to take us offline and cause maximum disruption to our service.

03 March, 7pm UTC

If you are currently using our API plugin to update your sites, please deactivate or remove the plugin until further notice.

Regrettably, we have been subject to a targeted ddos attack, off and on, for some time now, which has culminated in around 4 hours of downtime earlier today (03 March)

We are working with our hosts and Cloudflare to mitigate the attack but have been advised to reduce our attack vector by turning off the API. This will mean that your requests to our site will be blocked, which in turn may increase the resources on your own website by making calls that are not being responded to.

Manual downloads from our website remain unaffected.

We will keep you updated on this page as things progress. Thank you for your understanding.