Most frequent questions and answers

Dive into a vast collection of premium WordPress plugins and themes, ensuring you always have the right tool for the job.

Our proprietary API updater plugin ensures your WordPress site stays updated without manual intervention, saving you time and effort.

You’ll save exponentially over the years, especially when compared to the average WordPress plugin package price, which is basically the same as our annual price that gives access to everything!



Thanks to the General Public Licence (GPL) governing WordPress items, once we purchase a plugin or theme, we’re free to share it.

Your membership helps fund these acquisitions from third-party authors. It’s crowdfunding at its best, allowing us to slash prices and pass those savings directly to you.

Dive deeper into our approach on our ‘about us’ page.

For most products, no. To maintain our unbeatable prices, we don’t offer direct support for third-party plugins or themes. For technical assistance:

  • Purchase directly from the product’s author (we provide links).
  • Consider hiring a freelancer.
  • Explore the helpful WordPress community forums.

However, we do offer full support for our proprietary API plugin updater. Additionally, we’re here to assist with all billing inquiries.

Our competitive pricing is possible because we prioritize product access and essential support.

Yes, for monthly and annual plans. However, the lifetime plan is a one-time payment. Remember, you’re in charge of managing your subscription. To avoid unwanted renewals, cancel in advance via the subscriptions tab in your account.

To avoid any future surprises, we recommend setting a reminder a few days before your next renewal date.

Absolutely! We maintain active subscriptions with all product authors featured on our site. Everything you download is directly from them.

Absolutely! Install our API plugin, and you’ll receive notifications of plugin updates directly in your WordPress dashboard. For a detailed update history, check out our changelog.

Yes, you can! While we have an extensive collection of plugins, we’re always open to suggestions. If there’s a specific plugin you’d like to see added to our library, please let us know. We’ll do our best to acquire and add it to our offerings, ensuring our members always have access to the best tools available.

Yes, based on your subscription:

  • Monthly Members: 20 downloads per day.
  • Annual Members: 25 downloads per day.
  • Lifetime Members: 50 downloads per day.

These limits are in place to ensure a fair usage policy and optimal server performance for all our users.


Absolutely! Thanks to the GPL licence, you can retain them. However, for future updates, you’ll need an active subscription with us.

Unfortunately, no. Due to the digital nature of our products, once downloaded, they can’t be “returned.” Unsure? Consider a monthly subscription first.

Absolutely. Just log into the members area and visit the subscriptions link. Need help? We’re here to assist. No questions asked.

We advise against it. Download managers make multiple server requests quickly, which can count as separate downloads. This might cause you to exceed your download limits.

No worries! That’s for automatic updates or support registration. The item works flawlessly without it. If you encounter any rare issues, please send us a ticket with details, screenshots, or videos explaining the problem.

No worries! Reach out using the Help Scout beacon at the bottom right of your screen.