WordPress Plugins

Product IDThumbnailTitleDescriptionVersionDownload
29142Actionable Google Analytics WooCommerceActionable Google AnalyticsActionable Google Analytics is a WooCommerce Plugin which allows you to use some of the…3.3.6Sign in
29094Admin Columns ProAdmin Columns ProCustomize columns on the administration screens for post(types), users and other content. Filter and sort…4.7.3Sign in
29095Admin Columns Pro Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Add-OnAdmin Columns Pro Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Add-OnSupercharges Admin Columns Pro with very cool ACF columns.2.5.5Sign in
29096Admin Columns Pro BuddyPress Add-OnAdmin Columns Pro BuddyPress Add-OnBuddyPress integration for Admin Columns1.4.1Sign in
29101Admin Columns Pro Events Calendar Add-OnAdmin Columns Pro Events Calendar Add-OnEvents Calendar integration for Admin Columns1.4.1Sign in
29097Admin Columns Pro Ninja Forms Add-OnAdmin Columns Pro Ninja Forms Add-OnAdds columns that are sortable, filterable and editable to your Ninja Forms Submissions1.3.1Sign in
29098Admin Columns Pro Pods Add-OnAdmin Columns Pro Pods Add-OnSupercharges your Admin Columns Pro with unique Pods columns.1.4.4Sign in
29099Admin Columns Pro Toolset Types Add-OnAdmin Columns Pro Toolset Types Add-OnAdd Toolset Types columns to Admin Columns Pro1.5.4Sign in
29100Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Add-OnAdmin Columns Pro WooCommerce Add-OnPowerful columns for the WooCommerce Product, Orders and Coupon overview screens3.3.8Sign in
205785Admin Menu Editor ProAdmin Menu Editor ProLets you directly edit the WordPress admin menu. You can re-order, hide or rename existing…2.10.2Sign in
29143ADS PRO – Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad ManagerADS PRO – Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad ManagerPremium Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad Plugin - Create Incredible Good Ad Spaces!4.3.22Sign in
29102Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) ProAdvanced Custom Fields (ACF) ProUse the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to take full control of your WordPress edit screens…5.8.7Sign in
29144Aelia Tax Display by Country for WooCommerceAelia Tax Display by Country for WooCommerceAllows to display prices including/excluding tax depending on customer's location1.12.1.191220Sign in
29103AffiliateWPAffiliateWPAffiliate Plugin for WordPress2.4.3Sign in
29106AffiliateWP Affiliate Area Shortcodes Add-OnAffiliateWP Affiliate Area Shortcodes Add-OnProvides shortcodes for each tab of the Affiliate Area other useful shortcodes1.1.7Sign in
29107AffiliateWP Affiliate Area Tabs Add-OnAffiliateWP Affiliate Area Tabs Add-OnAdd and reorder tabs in the Affiliate Area1.2.8Sign in
29108AffiliateWP Affiliate Dashboard Sharing Add-OnAffiliateWP Affiliate Dashboard Sharing Add-OnEasily allow your affiliates to share referral URLs generated from the affiliate dashboard1.1.6Sign in
29109AffiliateWP Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms Add-OnAffiliateWP Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms Add-OnCreate an affiliate registration form using Gravity Forms1.0.20Sign in
29110AffiliateWP Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms Add-OnAffiliateWP Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms Add-OnCreate an affiliate registration form using Ninja Forms1.1.12Sign in
29111AffiliateWP Affiliate Info Add-OnAffiliateWP Affiliate Info Add-OnShow information based on the affiliate's referral URL1.0.5Sign in
29112AffiliateWP Affiliate Landing Pages Add-OnAffiliateWP Affiliate Landing Pages Add-OnCreate dedicated landing pages for your affiliates, which they can promote without using an affiliate…1.0.2Sign in
29113AffiliateWP Affiliate Product Rates Add-OnAffiliateWP Affiliate Product Rates Add-OnSet per-affiliate product referral rates1.0.5.1Sign in
29114AffiliateWP Allow Own Referrals Add-OnAffiliateWP Allow Own Referrals Add-OnAllows an affiliate to earn commission on their own referrals1.0.2Sign in
29115AffiliateWP Allowed Products Add-OnAffiliateWP Allowed Products Add-OnAllows only specific products to generate commission1.1.2Sign in
29116AffiliateWP Checkout Referrals Add-OnAffiliateWP Checkout Referrals Add-OnAllows a customer to award a referral to a specific affiliate at checkout.1.0.8Sign in
29117AffiliateWP Custom Affiliate Slugs Add-OnAffiliateWP Custom Affiliate Slugs Add-OnAutomatically generate custom slugs for your affiliates, or let your affiliates create their own1.0.2Sign in
29118AffiliateWP Direct Link Tracking Add-OnAffiliateWP Direct Link Tracking Add-OnAllow affiliates to link directly to your site, from their site, without the need for…1.1.4Sign in
29119AffiliateWP External Referral Links Add-OnAffiliateWP External Referral Links Add-OnAllows you to promote external landing pages/sites with the affiliate ID or username appended to…1.0.2Sign in
29120AffiliateWP Flag Affiliates Add-OnAffiliateWP Flag Affiliates Add-OnFlag your affiliates.1.0Sign in
29121AffiliateWP Force Pending Referrals Add-OnAffiliateWP Force Pending Referrals Add-OnForce each referral to have a status of "pending"1.0Sign in
29104AffiliateWP Leaderboard Add-OnAffiliateWP Leaderboard Add-OnDisplay an affiliate leaderboard on your website1.0.2Sign in
29122AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions Add-OnAffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions Add-OnAllow your affiliates to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer1.4Sign in
29123AffiliateWP Order Details For Affiliates Add-OnAffiliateWP Order Details For Affiliates Add-OnShare customer purchase information with the affiliate who referred them.1.1.5Sign in
29124AffiliateWP PayPal Payouts Add-OnAffiliateWP PayPal Payouts Add-OnInstantly pay your affiliates via PayPal1.2.1Sign in
29125AffiliateWP Pushover Notifications Add-OnAffiliateWP Pushover Notifications Add-OnAdds Pushover support to AffiliateWP1.0.2Sign in
29126AffiliateWP Recurring Referrals Add-OnAffiliateWP Recurring Referrals Add-OnTrack referrals for recurring payments in AffiliateWP1.7.2Sign in
29127AffiliateWP REST API Extended Add-OnAffiliateWP REST API Extended Add-OnAdds write, edit, and delete endpoints to the AffiliateWP REST API.1.0.4Sign in
29128AffiliateWP Show Affiliate Coupons Add-OnAffiliateWP Show Affiliate Coupons Add-OnShows an affiliate their available coupon codes in the affiliate area1.0.7Sign in
29129AffiliateWP Sign up Bonus Add-OnAffiliateWP Sign up Bonus Add-OnEntice more affiliates to register by offering them a sign up bonus1.1Sign in
29130AffiliateWP Signup Referrals Add-OnAffiliateWP Signup Referrals Add-OnAward commission to affiliates when a referred user signs up for an account1.0.2Sign in
29131AffiliateWP Store Credit Add-OnAffiliateWP Store Credit Add-OnPay AffiliateWP referrals as store credit2.3.2Sign in
29132AffiliateWP Tiered Affiliate Rates Add-OnAffiliateWP Tiered Affiliate Rates Add-OnTiered affiliate rates for AffiliateWP1.1.2Sign in
29105AffiliateWP WooCommerce Redirect Affiliates Add-OnAffiliateWP WooCommerce Redirect Affiliates Add-OnRedirect affiliates to their affiliate area when they login via WooCommerce's /my-account page1.0Sign in
29133AffiliateWP Zapier Automated Tasks Add-OnAffiliateWP Zapier Automated Tasks Add-OnAdd Zapier triggers to AffiliateWP1.1.2Sign in
1019684AIT Advanced FiltersAIT Advanced FiltersAdds advanced content filtering for CityGuide theme1.18Sign in
1019685AIT Advanced SearchAIT Advanced SearchAdds ability to search content around any location1.4Sign in
1019686AIT Announcements BarAIT Announcements BarAdds simple announcements bar at the top of page on the frontend. You have full…2.0Sign in
1019687AIT CSV Import / ExportAIT Claim ListingAdds Claim Listing functionality for ait-item custom post type3.0Sign in
1019688AIT Claim ListingAIT Comments ExtensionAllows modify labels in default Wordpress Comments Form and add notification text for inputs in…1.4Sign in
1019689AIT Comments ExtensionAIT CSV Import / ExportYou can import items from CSV or export items to CSV file in your directory-based…2.10Sign in
1019690AIT Directory MigrationsAIT Directory MigrationsMigrate items, categories, locations from Directory and Business Finder themes to City Guide theme2.1Sign in
1019691AIT Easy AdminAIT Easy AdminSimplified Wordpress administration2.11Sign in
1019707AIT Elements ToolkitAIT Elements ToolkitAdds Custom Post Types and Elements for AitThemes.Club themes2.0.6Sign in
1019692AIT Events ProAIT Events ProAdds new custom post type Events Pro1.2.3Sign in
1019693AIT Food MenuAIT Food MenuSome description of the plugin functionality1.10Sign in
1019694AIT Get DirectionsAIT Get DirectionsAdds Get Directions functionality for AIT themes2.16Sign in
1019695AIT InfobarAIT InfobarAdds notification bar with custom message on the website1.4Sign in
1019696AIT Item ExtensionAIT Item ExtensionCustom fields for Item Custom Post Type1.25Sign in
1019697AIT Item ReviewsAIT Item ReviewsAdds rating and reviews functionality for City Guide Wordpress Theme2.6Sign in
1019698AIT LanguagesAIT LanguagesAdds multilingual capability to WordPress3.0.35Sign in
1019699AIT PayPal PaymentsAIT PayPal PaymentsAdds PayPal gateway to Directory type themes1.8Sign in
1019700AIT PayPal SubscriptionsAIT PayPal SubscriptionsAdds PayPal subscriptions (automatic recurring payments) to Directory type themes1.6Sign in
1019701AIT Permissions ManagerAIT Permissions ManagerUser role permissions manager1.12Sign in
1019702AIT Quick CommentsAIT Quick CommentsQuick and easy way to post comments across wordpress3.0Sign in
1019703AIT Shortcodes WordPress PluginAIT Shortcodes WordPress PluginAIT Shortcodes WordPress Plugin1.1.1Sign in
1019704AIT Special OffersAIT Special OffersAdds new custom type Special Offer1.15Sign in
1019705AIT Stripe PaymentsAIT Stripe PaymentsAdds Stripe gateway to Directory type themes1.2Sign in
1019706AIT Subscribe FormAIT Subscribe FormAdds new element Subscribe Form1.0Sign in
153072Ajax Search ProAjax Search ProThe most powerful live search engine for WordPress.4.17.2Sign in
29576All In One SEO PRO WordPress PluginAll In One SEO PRO WordPress PluginOut-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog. Features like XML Sitemaps, SEO for custom post types,…3.3.4Sign in
1105227AmeliaAmeliaAmelia is a simple yet powerful automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your…2.4Sign in
39497Analytify CampaignsAnalytify Pro Campaigns ExtensionEveryone runs campaigns through social media or create backlinks. This add-on helps you to show…1.1.1Sign in
39496Analytify EDDAnalytify Pro Easy Digital Downloads ExtensionThis Add-on will track the e-commerce behaviour of users, digital Sales, Transactions and Revenues in…1.1.0Sign in
39495Analytify EmailsAnalytify Pro Email Notifications ExtensionSend your site Stats to your Client with Analytify Email add-on.1.2.8Sign in
937955Google Analytics GoalsAnalytify Pro Google Analytics GoalsThis is a premium add-on to show you Goals results from Google Analytics.1.1.3Sign in
39491AnalytifyAnalytify Pro Google Analytics PluginAnalytify brings a brand new and modern feeling Google Analytics superbly integrated with WordPress Dashboard.…2.1.2Sign in
39494Analytify WooCommerceAnalytify Pro WooCommerce ExtensionThis Add-on will track the e-commerce behaviour of users, digital Sales, Transactions and Revenues in…3.0.1Sign in
29259Anywhere Elementor ProAnywhere Elementor ProGlobal layouts to use with shortcodes, global post layouts for single and archive pages. Supports…2.13.2Sign in
29145Astero WordPress Weather PluginAstero WordPress Weather PluginWeather Widget Plugin1.4.3Sign in
29147Awesome GalleryAwesome GalleryYet another gallery plugin, but awesome2.2.3Sign in
29136ithemes backupbuddyBackupBuddy ProThe most complete WordPress solution for Backup, Restoration, Migration, and Deployment to the same host… in
30620Beaver Builder Child ThemeBeaver Builder Child ThemeAn example child theme that can be used as a starting point for custom development.1.0Sign in
29137Beaver Builder PowerPackBeaver Builder PowerPackA set of custom, creative, unique modules for Beaver Builder to speed up your web… in
29138Beaver Builder Professional WordPress PluginBeaver Builder Professional WordPress PluginA drag and drop frontend WordPress page builder plugin that works with almost any theme! in
30619Beaver Builder ThemeBeaver Builder ThemeA customizable theme with a simple yet robust set of theme options. in
29140Beaver Builder ThemerBeaver Builder ThemerA customizable theme with a simple yet robust set of theme options1.2.5Sign in
29139Beaver Builder Ultimate Add-OnBeaver Builder Ultimate Add-OnUltimate Addons is a premium extension for Beaver Builder that adds 45 modules, 250 templates…1.24.3Sign in
1060531Beaver ExtenderBeaver ExtenderThe ultimate Beaver Builder Theme companion Plugin.1.2.4Sign in
157635BooklyBookly ProBookly Plugin – is a great easy-to-use and easy-to-manage booking tool for service providers who…2.2Sign in
29149Chronosly WordPress Calendar PluginChronosly WordPress Calendar PluginChronosly is one of the plugins you have always dreamt about. Designed to suit all…2.7.2Sign in
1101411citadela-blocksCitadela BlocksCustom made blocks by AitThemes1.1.3Sign in
1101412citadela-directoryCitadela DirectoryCreate directory listing website1.2.3Sign in
1101413citadela-proCitadela ProCustomize Citadela colors, fonts and layout2.0.2Sign in
29680Claim Listing AstoundifyClaim Listing for WP Job ManagerAllow listings to be "claimed" to indicate verified ownership. A fee can be charged using…3.12.0Sign in
226258Composium - WP Bakery Page Builder Extensions AddonComposium – WP Bakery Page Builder Extensions AddonA plugin to add new advanced content elements, custom post types, a premium built-in lightbox…5.5.1Sign in
29681Contact Listing AstoundifyContact Listing for WP Job ManagerContact job listings or resume listings with your choice of Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, or…1.4.0Sign in
328228Convert PlusConvert Plus (formerly Convert Plug)The easiest WordPress plugin to convert website traffic into leads. Convert Plus will help you…3.5.1Sign in
29233Convert ProConvert ProConvert Pro is an advanced lead generation popup plugin with a drag and drop editor…1.4.1Sign in
29234Convert Pro Add-OnsConvert Pro Add-OnsConvert Pro Addon is a collection of advanced modules and features that you can enable…1.3.2Sign in
287781DIGITS: Wordpress Mobile Number Signup and LoginDIGITS: WordPress Mobile Number Signup and LoginExpand your website dimensions by providing signup and login using mobile number. User can register…6.10Sign in
29251Divi Booster PluginDivi Booster PluginBug fixes and enhancements for Elegant Themes' Divi Theme.3.1.3Sign in
29235download monitor advanced access managerDownload Monitor Advanced Access Manager Add-OnThe Advanced Access Manager extension allows you to create more advanced download limitations.4.0.1Sign in
29236Download Monitor Amazon S3 Add-OnDownload Monitor Amazon S3 Add-OnLets you link to files hosted on Amazon s3 so that you can serve secure,…4.0.2Sign in
950188Download Monitor ButtonsDownload Monitor Buttons Add-OnThe Buttons extension for Download Monitor allows you to create custom download buttons without any…4.0.1Sign in
29237Download Monitor Captcha Add-OnDownload Monitor Captcha Add-OnThe Captcha extension for Download Monitor allows you to require users to complete a reCAPTCHA…4.2.0Sign in
29238Download Monitor CSV Exporter Add-OnDownload Monitor CSV Exporter Add-OnEasily export all your downloads to a CSV file.4.0.0Sign in
29239Download Monitor CSV Importer Add-OnDownload Monitor CSV Importer Add-OnMass import up to thousands of Downloads into Download Monitor with the CSV Importer.4.1.1Sign in
29240Download Monitor Download Duplicator Add-OnDownload Monitor Download Duplicator Add-OnDuplicate downloads including all data and versions with a single click.4.0.1Sign in
29241Download Monitor Downloading Page Add-OnDownload Monitor Downloading Page Add-OnThe Downloading Page extension for Download Monitor forces your downloads to be served from a…4.0.0Sign in
29242Download Monitor Email Lock Add-OnDownload Monitor Email Lock Add-OnThe Email Lock extension for Download Monitor allows you to require users to fill in…4.1.2Sign in
29243Download Monitor Email Notification Add-OnDownload Monitor Email Notification Add-OnThe Email Notification extension for Download Monitor sends you an email whenever one of your…4.1.4Sign in
29244Download Monitor Google Drive Add-OnDownload Monitor Google Drive Add-OnLets you use the files hosted on your Google Drive as Download Monitor files.4.0.0Sign in
29245Download Monitor Gravity Forms Add-OnDownload Monitor Gravity Forms Add-OnThe Gravity Forms extension for Download Monitor allows you to require users to fill out…4.0.1Sign in
29246Download Monitor MailChimp Lock Add-OnDownload Monitor MailChimp Lock Add-OnLock your downloads with a MailChimp for WordPress form.4.0Sign in
29247Download Monitor Ninja Forms Add-OnDownload Monitor Ninja Forms Add-OnThe Ninja Forms extension for Download Monitor allows you to require users to fill out…4.0.0Sign in
29248Download Monitor Page Add-On Add-OnDownload Monitor Page Add-OnAdds a [download_page] shortcode for showing off your available downloads, tags and categories.4.1.4Sign in
29249Download Monitor Terms and Conditions Add-OnDownload Monitor Terms and Conditions Add-OnThe Terms and Conditions extension requires your users to accept your terms and conditions before…4.0.0Sign in
29250Download Monitor Twitter Lock Add-OnDownload Monitor Twitter Lock Add-OnThe Twitter Lock extension for Download Monitor allows you to require users to tweet your…4.0.0Sign in
29150DP Article Social ShareDP Article Social ShareThe Article Social Share plugin adds a sleek social bar in your articles and pages,…1.3.4Sign in
29134duplicator proDuplicator ProCreate, schedule and transfer a copy of your WordPress files and database. Duplicate and move…3.8.7Sign in
1105730dynamic-content-for-elementorDynamic Content for ElementorImprove your website’s potential through additional widgets, expanding Elementor’s functionality. New creative widgets, every and…1.8.3Sign in
29151DZS Scroller GalleryDZS Scroller GalleryCreates and manages cool scroller galleries.1.41Sign in
29152DZS ZoomFolio WordPress PortfolioDZS ZoomFolio WordPress PortfolioCreates cool portfolios4.84Sign in
29153Easy Carousel SliderEasy Carousel SliderEasy Carousel Slider1.12Sign in
287788Self Hosted Short URLs - Add-on for Easy Social Share ButtonsEasy Social Share Buttons for WordPress Addon – Self-Hosted Short URLCustomizable self hosted short urls for your WordPress site. Note: This is an addon for…6.2.9Sign in
29252Elegant Themes AnticipateElegant Themes AnticipateMaintenance Plugin1.7.1Sign in
29253Bloom Email Optin Plugin For WordPressElegant Themes BloomA simple, comprehensive and beautifully constructed email opt-in plugin built to help you quickly grow…1.3.10Sign in
29254Elegant Themes Divi BuilderElegant Themes Divi BuilderA drag and drop page builder for any WordPress theme.4.2.1Sign in
29255Elegant Themes Elegant BuilderElegant Themes Elegant BuilderA visual drag and drop page builder from Elegant Themes.2.4Sign in
29256Elegant Themes Elegant ShortcodesElegant Themes Elegant ShortcodesET Shortcodes plugin.1.2.1Sign in
29257Elegant Themes HandheldElegant Themes HandheldAdds mobile version of the site1.3Sign in
29258Elegant Themes MonarchElegant Themes MonarchSocial Media Plugin1.4.12Sign in
1105729Element PackElement PackElement Pack is a packed of elementor widgets. This plugin gives you extra widgets features…4.3.0Sign in
29260Elementor Extras by NamogoElementor Extras by NamogoElementor Extras is a premium Wordpress plugin for Elementor, extending its capability with seriously useful…2.2.16Sign in
29261Elementor PRO WordPress Page BuilderElementor PRO WordPress Page BuilderElementor Pro brings a whole new design experience to WordPress. Customize your entire theme: header,…2.8.3Sign in
1103962Elfsight Age VerificationElfsight Age VerificationA simple popup tool to verify the age of your visitors and allow or reject…1.0.1Sign in
1103963Elfsight Click To CallElfsight Click To CallLet your users reach you by phone in just one click.1.1.0Sign in
1103964Elfsight Contact FormElfsight Contact FormGet more leads and feedback with easy-to-fill contact form2.2.0Sign in
1103965Elfsight Countdown TimerElfsight Countdown TimerCreate various counters and timers to stimulate purchasing on your website1.2.0Sign in
1103966Elfsight Facebook ChatElfsight Facebook ChatAdd to your site a fast and seamless communication tool for your users.1.1.0Sign in
1103967Elfsight Facebook FeedElfsight Facebook FeedMake your Facebook content (Posts, Photos, Videos) work on your website1.12.0Sign in
1103968Elfsight Facebook ReviewsElfsight Facebook ReviewsDisplay your Facebook reviews on the website and increase social trust1.0.0Sign in
1103969Elfsight FAQElfsight FAQAnticipate your clients’ questions and eliminate their doubts with easy-to-use FAQ1.2.1Sign in
1103970Elfsight File EmbedElfsight File EmbedEmbed any file into your web pages to enable viewing and downloading.1.0.1Sign in
1103971Elfsight Form BuilderElfsight Form BuilderCollect more data from your clients through various fill-in forms.1.4.0Sign in
1103972Elfsight Google MapsElfsight Google MapsStart creating Google Maps on your website with the incredible Elfsight map builder2.1.0Sign in
1103973Elfsight Instagram FeedElfsight Instagram FeedAdd Instagram images to your website to engage your visitors3.8.4Sign in
1103974Elfsight Instagram TestimonialsElfsight Instagram TestimonialsLet real Instagram testimonials increase trust in your brand1.3.1Sign in
1103975Elfsight Instagram WidgetElfsight Instagram WidgetEmbed Instagram Profile to Your Website2.2.1Sign in
1103976Elfsight PayPal ButtonElfsight PayPal ButtonGet payments, subscriptions and donations on your website via popular and secure payment system.1.1.0Sign in
1103977Elfsight PDF EmbedElfsight PDF EmbedAn easy tool for integrating PDF docs in your web page with view and download…1.0.1Sign in
1103978Elfsight Pinterest FeedElfsight Pinterest FeedDisplay Pinterest profile, boards and pins on your website.1.1.0Sign in
1103979Elfsight PopupElfsight PopupCreate various types of popups for your website for more leads and higher sales.1.0.0Sign in
1103980Elfsight PortfolioElfsight PortfolioShow your works and projects in details and attract new clients.1.1.0Sign in
1103981Elfsight Pricing TableElfsight Pricing TableHelp your customers make a purchase with a clear and graphic pricing2.5.1Sign in
1105143Elfsight SliderElfsight SliderCreate beautiful image, video, and banner sliders for your website.1.0.0Sign in
1103982Elfsight Social IconsElfsight Social IconsIncreasing followers and your social networks subscribers is fast and easy with the stylish and…1.6.1Sign in
1103983Elfsight Social Share ButtonsElfsight Social Share ButtonsElfsight Social Share Buttons allows your to add social buttons widget to Wordpress website1.4.0Sign in
1103984Elfsight Team ShowcaseElfsight Team ShowcaseShow your team to the best advantage through a customizable gallery.1.0.0Sign in
1105144Elfsight Telegram ChatElfsight Telegram ChatChat with your website visitors via Telegram messenger.1.0.0Sign in
1103985Elfsight Testimonials SliderElfsight Testimonials SliderLevel up your brand trust with bright testimonials on your website1.4.3Sign in
1103986Elfsight Twitter FeedElfsight Twitter FeedEmbed your Twitter feed or customer testimonials from Twitter into your website1.3.0Sign in
1103987Elfsight Vimeo GalleryElfsight Vimeo GalleryDisplay selected Vimeo videos and channels on your website.1.0.1Sign in
1105145Elfsight WeatherElfsight WeatherWeather for any location in a simple widget on your site.1.0.0Sign in
1103988Elfsight WhatsApp ChatElfsight WhatsApp ChatStay always in touch with users through a popular chat on your website.1.1.0Sign in
1103989Elfsight YouTube GalleryElfsight YouTube GalleryIncrease visitor engagement with stylish YouTube video gallery on your website3.3.1Sign in
29154Elite Video PlayerElite Video PlayerElite Video Player5.0Sign in
29262Envira GalleryEnvira GalleryEnvira Gallery is best responsive WordPress gallery plugin.1.8.8Sign in
29263Envira Gallery Albums Add-OnEnvira Gallery Albums Add-OnEnables album capabilities for Envira galleries.1.6.5Sign in
29264Envira Gallery Breadcrumbs Add-OnEnvira Gallery Breadcrumbs Add-OnDisplay Breadcrumb Navigation for Galleries embedded into Albums1.2.2Sign in
29265Envira Gallery CSS Add-OnEnvira Gallery CSS Add-OnEnables custom CSS output for Envira galleries.1.3.3Sign in
29266Envira Gallery Deeplinking Add-OnEnvira Gallery Deeplinking Add-OnEnables deeplinking capabilities for Envira galleries.1.4.5Sign in
29267Envira Gallery Defaults Add-OnEnvira Gallery Defaults Add-OnEnables defaults to be set and inherited by new Envira galleries and albums.1.4.7Sign in
29268Envira Gallery Downloads Add-OnEnvira Gallery Downloads Add-OnDisplay Download Icons on Gallery Images1.4.7Sign in
29269Envira Gallery Dropbox Importer Add-OnEnvira Gallery Dropbox Importer Add-OnEnables Dropbox image importing directly into Envira Galleries1.3.2Sign in
29270Envira Gallery Dynamic Add-OnEnvira Gallery Dynamic Add-OnEnables dynamic gallery generation for Envira galleries and albums.1.5.6Sign in
29271Envira Gallery EXIF Add-OnEnvira Gallery EXIF Add-OnDisplays EXIF data in thumbnail and/or Lightbox views for Envira galleries1.4.6Sign in
29272Envira Gallery Featured Content Add-OnEnvira Gallery Featured Content Add-OnEnables featured content galleries in Envira.1.2.6Sign in
29273Envira Gallery Fullscreen Add-OnEnvira Gallery Fullscreen Add-OnEnables fullscreen capabilities (for browsers that support it) for Envira galleries.1.2.2Sign in
29274Envira Gallery Gallery Themes Add-OnEnvira Gallery Gallery Themes Add-OnEnables custom themes for the grid display of Envira galleries.1.4.7Sign in
29275Envira Gallery Instagram Add-OnEnvira Gallery Instagram Add-OnPopulate Envira Galleries with Instagram images.1.4.5Sign in
29276Envira Gallery Lightroom Add-OnEnvira Gallery Lightroom Add-OnCreate Envira Galleries directly from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom2.2.4Sign in
29277Envira Gallery NextGEN Add-OnEnvira Gallery NextGEN Add-OnAdds an importing tool to import NextGEN galleries and albums into Envira.1.2.1Sign in
29278Envira Gallery Pagination Add-OnEnvira Gallery Pagination Add-OnEnables pagination capabilities for Envira galleries and albums.1.7.1Sign in
29279Envira Gallery Password Protection Add-OnEnvira Gallery Password Protection Add-OnEnables password protection capabilities for Envira galleries and albums.1.4.2Sign in
29281Envira Gallery Printing Add-OnEnvira Gallery Printing Add-OnDisplay a Print Icon on Gallery Images1.2.2Sign in
29282Envira Gallery Proofing Add-OnEnvira Gallery Proofing Add-OnAllows clients to login to Galleries and choose photos for ordering.1.3.8Sign in
29283Envira Gallery Protection Add-OnEnvira Gallery Protection Add-OnEnables image protection (disables right clicking) for Envira galleries.1.3.3Sign in
29284Envira Gallery Schedule Add-OnEnvira Gallery Schedule Add-OnEnables scheduling support for Envira galleries.1.2.2Sign in
29285Envira Gallery Slideshow Add-OnEnvira Gallery Slideshow Add-OnEnables slideshows for Envira galleries.1.3.4Sign in
29286Envira Gallery Social Add-OnEnvira Gallery Social Add-OnEnables Social Media Sharing Buttons for Envira Galleries1.5.8Sign in
29287Envira Gallery Tags Add-OnEnvira Gallery Tags Add-OnEnables tagging capabilities for Envira galleries.1.7.7Sign in
29288Envira Gallery Videos Add-OnEnvira Gallery Videos Add-OnDisplays Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia or self-hosted videos in Lightbox views for Envira galleries1.5.7Sign in
29289Envira Gallery Watermarking Add-OnEnvira Gallery Watermarking Add-OnAdd a watermark to your Envira Gallery images1.4.1Sign in
29290Envira Gallery WooCommerce Add-OnEnvira Gallery WooCommerce Add-OnLink Envira Gallery images to WooCommerce Products to enable eCommerce functionality from within your Envira…1.4.5Sign in
29291Envira Gallery Zip Importer Add-OnEnvira Gallery Zip Importer Add-OnEnables ZIP file uploads directly into Envira Galleries1.2.1Sign in
29292Envira Gallery Zoom Add-OnEnvira Gallery Zoom Add-OnEnables zooming functionality for your Envira Galleries images1.3.6Sign in
1088732Essential Addons for Elementor - ProEssential Addons for Elementor – ProThe ultimate elements library for Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress.3.4.2Sign in
29155Essential GridEssential GridThe Original Premium Grid Plugin2.3.6Sign in
79912EventOn - Action User ExtensionEventOn – Action User ExtensionPowerful eventON user control and event submission manager2.1.16Sign in
278439EventOn BookingsEventOn – Booking ExtensionSell event tickets as time slot based bookings or appointments1.0.7Sign in
79904EventOn - Countdown Timer ExtensionEventOn – Countdown Timer ExtensionCount down till the event ends0.9Sign in
79892EventOn - CSV Import ExtensionEventOn – CSV Import ExtensionImport events into eventON from a CSV file source1.1.8Sign in
79789EventOn - Daily View ExtensionEventOn – Daily View ExtensionAdds the capabilities to create a calendar with horizontally scrollable list of days of the…1.0.10Sign in
79828EventOn - Event Lists ExtensionEventOn – Event Lists ExtensionCreate past and upcoming event lists for eventON0.16Sign in
1060745EventON - Event PhotosEventOn – Event PhotosCool photo gallery for eventON events1.0.2Sign in
79587EventOn - Event Search ExtensionEventOn – Event Search ExtensionSearch eventON calendar events at ease0.7Sign in
79816EventOn - Event Tickets ExtensionEventOn – Event Tickets ExtensionSell Event Tickets using Woocommerce1.7.10Sign in
79517EventOn - Full Cal ExtensionEventOn – Full Cal ExtensionCreate a full grid calendar with a month view of eventON events.1.11.1Sign in
79781EventOn - QR Code ExtensionEventOn – QR Code ExtensionCheckin customers with QR Code1.1.6Sign in
79811EventOn - RSVP Events ExtensionEventOn – RSVP Events ExtensionAllow visitors to RSVP to your event.2.6.7Sign in
79805EventOn - Subscriber ExtensionEventOn – Subscriber ExtensionSubscribe to all calendar events1.3Sign in
79595EventOn - Sync Events ExtensionEventOn – Sync Events ExtensionSync facebook and google calendar events1.2.7Sign in
79645EventOn - Weekly View ExtensionEventOn – Weekly View ExtensionCreate a week view of events for EventON Calendar1.1Sign in
29156EventON Calendar PluginEventON Calendar PluginA beautifully crafted minimal calendar experience2.8.5Sign in
287778Everest Google Places ReviewsEverest Google Places ReviewsShowcase Your Google Places / Business Review with attractive template layouts.2.0.6Sign in
29157EversliderEversliderPlugin to create responsive, mobile-friendly carousel sliders from your blog posts or custom post types1.4Sign in
29683Extended Location AstoundifyExtended Location for WP Job ManagerUse Google Places to auto suggest locations when submitting a listing or searching.3.5.1Sign in
287779Facebook SpiderLinkFacebook SpiderLinkMake Your Facebook Post GO VIRAL2.5Sign in
29299FacetWPFacetWPAdvanced Filtering for WordPress3.4.7Sign in
29300FacetWP Alphabet Add-OnFacetWP Alphabet Add-OnAlphabetical letter facet1.3.1Sign in
29301FacetWP Beaver Builder Add-OnFacetWP Beaver Builder Add-OnFacetWP and Beaver Builder Integration1.2.5Sign in
29302FacetWP Bookings Integration Add-OnFacetWP Bookings Integration Add-OnWooCommerce Bookings support0.7.0Sign in
29303FacetWP Cache Add-OnFacetWP Cache Add-OnCaching support for FacetWP1.5.1Sign in
29304FacetWP Color Add-OnFacetWP Color Add-OnA FacetWP facet to filter products by color1.4.1Sign in
29305FacetWP Conditional Logic Add-OnFacetWP Conditional Logic Add-OnToggle facets based on certain conditions1.3.0Sign in
1101400FacetWP ElementorFacetWP ElementorFacetWP and Elementor Integration1.3Sign in
29306FacetWP Flatsome Add-OnFacetWP Flatsome Add-OnFlatsome theme support for FacetWP0.4.2Sign in
1101401FacetWP FlyoutFacetWP FlyoutDisplays a flyout facet menu0.4Sign in
29307FacetWP Hierarchy Select Add-OnFacetWP Hierarchy Select Add-OnHierarchy select facet type0.4.1Sign in
1101402FacetWP Load MoreFacetWP Load MoreAdds a shortcode to generate a "Load more" button0.5Sign in
29308FacetWP Map FacetWP Add-OnFacetWP Map FacetWP Add-OnMap facet type0.6Sign in
1101403FacetWP PodsFacetWP PodsPods integration with FacetWP1.2.2Sign in
29309FacetWP Polylang Add-OnFacetWP Polylang Add-OnPolylang support for FacetWP1.2.2Sign in
29310FacetWP Range List Add-OnFacetWP Range List Add-OnRange list facet type0.4.1Sign in
29311FacetWP Relevanssi Integration Add-OnFacetWP Relevanssi Integration Add-OnRelevanssi integration for FacetWP0.5.1Sign in
29312FacetWP Stack Add-OnFacetWP Stack Add-OnA widget for creating a stack of facets1.1Sign in
29313FacetWP Star Rating Add-OnFacetWP Star Rating Add-OnStar rating facet1.0.4Sign in
29314FacetWP Time Since Add-OnFacetWP Time Since Add-On"Time Since" facet1.5.1Sign in
298587FacetWP User Post TypeFacetWP User Post Type AddonConnect users to a post type0.7Sign in
29315FacetWP WPML Add-OnFacetWP WPML Add-OnWPML support for FacetWP1.3.0Sign in
29672Favorites AstoundifyFavoritesFavorites for WordPress.1.3.0Sign in
225935Flow-Flow Social StreamsFlow-Flow Social StreamsAwesome social streams direct onto your WordPress site. Supports the 4 biggest networks: Facebook, Twitter,…4.1.26Sign in
1102063Formidable ActiveCampaignFormidable ActiveCampaignAdd users to your ActiveCampaign list from Formidable Forms1.05Sign in
1102064Formidable APIFormidable APICreate entries in Formidable via a rest API, and send REST API requests when forms…1.08Sign in
1102065Formidable Authorize.NetFormidable Authorize.NetAuthorize.net Payment Gateway2.01Sign in
1102067Formidable AWeberFormidable AWeberSend Posted results to AWeber2.01Sign in
1102068Formidable BootstrapFormidable BootstrapInstantly add Bootstrap styling to your forms1.02.02Sign in
1102080Formidable Bootstrap ModalFormidable Bootstrap ModalEasily insert a link to open a form in a model2.0Sign in
1102069Formidable Campaign MonitorFormidable Campaign MonitorAdd users to your Campaign Monitor list from your Formidable forms1.03Sign in
1102070Formidable Constant ContactFormidable Constant ContactAdd contacts to Constant Contact account when a Formidable form is submitted1.02Sign in
1102071Formidable Datepicker OptionsFormidable Datepicker OptionsSet blackout dates, days of the week, and dynamic minimim and maximum dates1.0.04Sign in
1102087Formidable Digital SignaturesFormidable Digital SignaturesCollect e-signatures in your Formidable forms2.03Sign in
1102072Formidable Export View to CSVFormidable Export View to CSVExport table Views to CSV files1.0Sign in
1102066Formidable Form Action AutomationFormidable Form Action AutomationAllows you to set future notifications on form entries2.03Sign in
1102083Formidable Forms ProFormidable Forms ProAdd more power to your forms, and bring your reports and data management to the…4.03.07Sign in
1102073Formidable GetResponseFormidable GetResponseAdd users to GetResponse campaigns from your Formidable forms1.04Sign in
1102074Formidable HighriseFormidable HighriseSend Posted results to Highrise CRM1.06Sign in
1102075Formidable HubSpotFormidable HubSpotAdd contacts to HubSpot from Formidable Forms1.06Sign in
1102076Formidable LocationsFormidable LocationsCreate forms and populate with Countries, states/provinces, and U.S. cities2.02Sign in
1102077Formidable LogsFormidable LogsLog events from Formidable and other add-ons1.0b1Sign in
1102078Formidable MailChimpFormidable MailChimpAdd new MailChimp contacts from your Formidable forms2.04Sign in
1102079Formidable MailPoet NewslettersFormidable MailPoet NewslettersAdd users to your MailPoet newletter lists from Formidable forms1.01Sign in
1102092Formidable MultilingualFormidable MultilingualAdd multilingual support for Formidable1.06Sign in
1102081Formidable PayPal StandardFormidable PayPal StandardSend Posted results to PayPal3.09Sign in
1102082Formidable PolylangFormidable PolylangAdd multilingual support for Formidable1.07Sign in
1102084Formidable Quiz MakerFormidable Quiz MakerMake quizes, automatically score them and show user scores1.01Sign in
1102085Formidable RegistrationFormidable RegistrationRegister users through a Formidable form2.02.02Sign in
1102086Formidable SalesforceFormidable SalesforceAdd leads to your Salesforce account when a Formidable form is submitted2.04Sign in
1102088Formidable StripeFormidable StripeCollect Stripe payments using your Formidable Forms2.01Sign in
1102089Formidable TwilioFormidable TwilioAccept SMS votes for a poll or send texts from forms1.08Sign in
1102090Formidable User TrackingFormidable User TrackingTrack the steps a user takes before submitting a form1.0Sign in
1102091Formidable WooCommerceFormidable WooCommerceUse Formidable Forms on individual WooCommerce product pages to create customizable products. Requires the Formidable…1.09Sign in
1102093Formidable ZapierFormidable ZapierIntegrate with everything through Zapier1.06Sign in
384570FS Poster - WordPress auto poster schedulerFS Poster – WordPress Auto Poster and SchedulerFS Poster is a WordPress Auto Poster plugin for many social networks ( Facebook ,…3.3.6Sign in
40112GeoDirectory Advance Search FiltersGeoDirectory Advance Search FiltersGeoDirectory Advance Search Filters. in
40115GeoDirectory Ajax Duplicate AlertGeoDirectory Ajax Duplicate AlertGeoDirectory Ajax Duplicate Alert plugin. in
40116GeoDirectory BuddyPress IntegrationGeoDirectory BuddyPress IntegrationIntegrates GeoDirectory listing activity with the BuddyPress. in
40117GeoDirectory Claim ManagerGeoDirectory Claim ManagerGeoDirectory Claim Manager plugin. in
1098143GeoDirectory Compare ListingsGeoDirectory Compare ListingsLets your visitors compare 2-5 listings side by side2.0.0.2Sign in
40118GeoDirectory Custom Google MapsGeoDirectory Custom Google MapsThis plugin gives an advanced style system for Google Maps. in
40119GeoDirectory Custom Post TypesGeoDirectory Custom Post TypesGeoDirectory Custom Post Types plugin. in
40120GeoDirectory DashboardGeoDirectory DashboardGeoDirectory Dashboard plugin.0.0.1Sign in
1098144GeoDirectory EmbedGeoDirectory EmbedLets users build custom embed code to display a link to their listing with current…2.0.3Sign in
40121GeoDirectory EventsGeoDirectory EventsGeoDirectory Events plugin . in
40113GeoDirectory FrameworkGeoDirectory FrameworkGeoDirectory Dashboard plugin. in
40122GeoDirectory Franchise ManagerGeoDirectory Franchise ManagerIntegrates franchise service feature with GeoDirectory listings. in
40123GeoDirectory ListsGeoDirectory ListsGeoDirectory Lists manager. in
40124GeoDirectory Location ManagerGeoDirectory Location ManagerGeoDirectory Location Manager plugin. in
40125GeoDirectory Marker ClusterGeoDirectory Marker ClusterThis plugin gives an advanced marker cluster system for Google Maps. in
40126GeoDirectory Payment ManagerGeoDirectory Payment ManagerGeoDirectory Payment Manager plugin. in
40127GeoDirectory Re-CaptchaGeoDirectory Re-CaptchaIntegrates Google reCAPTCHA anti-spam methods with wordpress GeoDirectory addon including registration, comments, send to friend,… in
40128GeoDirectory Review Rating ManagerGeoDirectory Review Rating ManagerThis plugin gives a advanced comment system with multi rating system on post comments. in
40129GeoDirectory Social ImporterGeoDirectory Social ImporterGeoDirectory Social Importer plugin. in
29316give 2checkoutGiveWP 2checkout Add-OnGive add-on gateway for 2Checkout.1.1.3Sign in
29317give americloudGiveWP Americloud Payments Add-OnAdds AmeriCloud Payments gateway to the available Give payment methods.1.3.4Sign in
926972Give Annual ReceiptsGiveWP Annual ReceiptsProvide your donors with a quick and easy way to download a receipt for all…1.0.2Sign in
29318give authorize netGiveWP Authorize Net Add-OnGive add-on gateway for Authorize.net1.4.6Sign in
29319give aweberGiveWP Aweber Add-OnEasily integrate AWeber opt-ins within your Give donation forms.1.0.4Sign in
29320give braintreeGiveWP Braintree Add-OnQuickly and easily accept credit card donations using your Braintree merchant account.1.2.4Sign in
29321give ccavenueGiveWP CCAvenue Add-OnProcess online donations via the CCAvenue gateway.1.0.4Sign in
29322give constant contactGiveWP Constant Contact Add-OnIntegrate Constant Contact sign-up with your Give donation forms.1.2.4Sign in
29323give convert kitGiveWP Convertkit Add-OnEasily integrate ConvertKit opt-ins within your Give donation forms.1.0.3Sign in
39610GiveWp Currency Switcher AddonGiveWP Currency Switcher Add-OnProvide your donors with the ability to give using currency of their choice.1.3.5Sign in
229317Give Donation Upsells WooCommerceGiveWP Donation Upsells for WooCommerceAllow your shop customers to donate at the cart or checkout in WooCommerce.1.0.0Sign in
29324give dwollaGiveWP Dwolla Add-OnAccept donations in Give using your Dwolla merchant account.1.1.2Sign in
29325give email reportsGiveWP Email Reports Add-OnReceive comprehensive donations reports via email.1.1.4Sign in
29326give fee recoveryGiveWP Fee Recovery Add-OnKeep more of your donations by asking donor's to take care of the fees.1.7.7Sign in
29327give form field managerGiveWP Form Field Manager Add-OnEasily add and control Give's form fields using an easy-to-use interface.1.4.4Sign in
29328give gift aidGiveWP Gift Aid Add-OnAllow donors to give using the UK’s Gift Aid program.1.2.3Sign in
29329give gocardlessGiveWP GoCardless Add-OnAdds the GoCardless payment gateway to the available Give payment methods.1.3.5Sign in
29330Give Google AnalyticsGiveWP Google Analytics Add-OnAdd Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce tracking functionality to Give to track donations.1.2.4Sign in
29331give iatsGiveWP IATS Add-OnProcess online donations via the iATS payment gateway.1.0.5Sign in
29332give mailchimpGiveWP Mailchimp Add-OnEasily integrate MailChimp opt-ins within your Give donation forms.1.4.5Sign in
29333give manual donationsGiveWP Manual Donations Add-OnProvides an admin interface for manually creating donations in Give.1.4.5Sign in
39612GiveWP Mollie Payment Gateway AddonGiveWP Mollie Payment Gateway Add-OnAllow your donors to be able to give quickly and securely with iDEAL, credit cards,…1.2.3Sign in
928368GiveWP MonerisGiveWP MonerisAdds support to accept donations via the Moneris Payment gateway.1.0.0Sign in
39613GiveWP Payfast Payment Gateway Add-OnGiveWP Payfast Payment Gateway Add-OnProcess online donations via the PayFast payment gateway.1.0.2Sign in
29335give paymillGiveWP Paymill Add-OnAdds a payment gateway for Paymill.com1.1.0Sign in
29336give paypal proGiveWP Paypal Pro Add-OnA payment gateway for PayPal Website Payments Pro (NVP and REST APIs) and PayPal Payments…1.2.2Sign in
29337give paytmGiveWP Paytm Add-OnProcess online donations via the Paytm payment gateway.1.1.0Sign in
29338give payumoneyGiveWP Payumoney Add-OnProcess online donations via the PayUmoney payment gateway.1.0.5Sign in
29339give pdf receiptsGiveWP Pdf Receipts Add-OnCreates PDF Receipts for each donation that is downloadable via email and donation history.2.3.6Sign in
890459GiveWP Per Form EmailsGiveWP Per Form EmailsEasily customize the donation email notifications per form.1.1Sign in
29341give form gatewaysGiveWP Per Form Gateways Add-OnChoose on a per-form basis which payment gateways you would like enabled for donors.1.0.2Sign in
29342give razorpayGiveWP Razorpay Add-OnProcess online donations via the Razorpay payment gateway.1.3.0Sign in
29343GIVE RECURRINGGiveWP Recurring Add-OnAdds support for recurring (subscription) donations to the Give donation plugin.1.9.8Sign in
39611GiveWP Sofort Payment Gateway AddonGiveWP Sofort Payment Gateway Add-OnAccept donations with the Sofort payment gateway.1.0Sign in
928353GiveWP SquareGiveWP SquareAdds support to accept donations via the Square Payment gateway.1.0.4Sign in
29344give stripeGiveWP Stripe Add-OnAdds the Stripe.com payment gateway to the available Give payment methods.2.2.2Sign in
29345give tributesGiveWP Tributes Add-OnAllow donors to give to your Cause via customizable tributes like "In honor of" or…1.5.6Sign in
29346give zapierGiveWP Zapier Add-OnAdds Zapier integration to Give. Trigger actions based on new donations and more.1.2.3Sign in
29160Go Pricing WordPress Responsive Pricing TablesGo Pricing WordPress Responsive Pricing TablesThe New Generation Pricing Tables. If you like traditional Pricing Tables, but you would like…3.3.16Sign in
29844GonzalesGonzalesSpeed up your site by deactivation of useless plugins, scripts and styles.2.2Sign in
29347Graph Paper Press Sell MediaGraph Paper Press Sell MediaA plugin for selling photos, prints and other downloads.2.4.4Sign in
29348Graph Paper Press Sell Media Access Control Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Access Control Add-OnGrant free access to specific products or product galleries of your choosing.1.1Sign in
29349Graph Paper Press Sell Media Add Bulk Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Add Bulk Add-OnAdd bulk single products to Sell Media.2.1.3Sign in
29350Graph Paper Press Sell Media Commissions Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Commissions Add-OnThis extension gives you the ability to assign different commissions for your products.2.0.8Sign in
29351Graph Paper Press Sell Media Discount Codes Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Discount Codes Add-OnThis extension gives you the ability to give offer with discount codes to your customers.2.1.5Sign in
29352Graph Paper Press Sell Media Download Lightbox Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Download Lightbox Add-OnSell Media addon to download lightbox images using password.1.0.2Sign in
29353Graph Paper Press Sell Media Expire Download Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Expire Download Add-OnSet the expire time for the download link1.0.0Sign in
29354Graph Paper Press Sell Media Free Downloads Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Free Downloads Add-OnAllows your visitors to download images and other media for free in exchange for signing…2.1.4Sign in
29355Graph Paper Press Sell Media Magnifier Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Magnifier Add-OnThis extension adds the magnifying feature to all the images in sell media.2.0.1Sign in
29356Graph Paper Press Sell Media Mailchimp Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Mailchimp Add-OnAdd MailChimp signup process to Sell Media registration form2.1Sign in
29357Graph Paper Press Sell Media Manual Purchases Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Manual Purchases Add-OnAn extension for Sell Media that allows to manual purchases.1.0.3Sign in
29358Graph Paper Press Sell Media Model Release Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Model Release Add-OnThis extension gives you the ability to assign model releases to your products.1.1Sign in
29359Graph Paper Press Sell Media Reprints Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Reprints Add-OnAn extension for Sell Media that allows customers to purchase prints of your images.2.2.1Sign in
29361Graph Paper Press Sell Media S3 Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media S3 Add-OnThis extension gives you the ability to add Amazon S3 support2.1.4Sign in
29362Graph Paper Press Sell Media Stripe Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Stripe Add-OnAn extension for Sell Media to allow for Stripe payments2.1.7Sign in
29363Graph Paper Press Sell Media Subscription Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Subscription Add-OnEnables the selling of subscription plans to your Sell Media-powered store.1.0.3Sign in
29364Graph Paper Press Sell Media Watermark Add-OnGraph Paper Press Sell Media Watermark Add-OnWatermarks images in Sell Media and beyond!2.0.4Sign in
29404Gravity FlowGravity FlowBuild Workflow Applications with Gravity Forms.2.5.9Sign in
1105865gravityflowchecklistsGravity Flow ChecklistsChecklists Extension for Gravity Flow.1.3Sign in
1105871gravityflowflowchartGravity Flow Flowchart ExtensionFlowchart Extension for Gravity Flow1.2Sign in
1105872gravityflowfoldersGravity Flow FoldersFolders Extension for Gravity Flow.1.3Sign in
1105866gravityflowformconnectorGravity Flow Form ConnectorForm Connector Extension for Gravity Flow.1.7.3Sign in
229136Gravity Flow Incoming WebhookGravity Flow Incoming WebhookIncoming Webhook Extension for Gravity Flow.1.3Sign in
1105867gravityflowparentchildGravity Flow Parent-Child Forms ExtensionGravity Flow Parent-Child Forms Extension for Gravity Flow.1.2Sign in
229116Gravity Flow PayPalGravity Flow PayPal ExtensionPayPal Extension for Gravity Flow.1.2Sign in
1105868gravityflowpdfGravity Flow PDF Generator ExtensionPDF Generator Extension for Gravity Flow.1.3.2Sign in
1105869gravityflowstripeGravity Flow Stripe ExtensionStripe Extension for Gravity Flow.1.3Sign in
1105873gravityflowvacationGravity Flow Vacation Requests ExtensionGravity Flow Vacation Requests Extension1.3Sign in
1105870gravityflowwoocommerceGravity Flow WooCommerce ExtensionWooCommerce Extension for Gravity Flow.1.4Sign in
29365Gravity FormsGravity FormsEasily create web forms and manage form entries within the WordPress admin. in
927122Gravity Forms 2CheckoutGravity Forms 2Checkout Add-OnIntegrates Gravity Forms with 2Checkout, enabling end users to purchase goods and services through Gravity…1.0.2Sign in
29366Gravity Forms Active Campaign AddonGravity Forms Active Campaign AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with ActiveCampaign, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your ActiveCampaign…1.6.1Sign in
927115Gravity Forms Advanced Post CreationGravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-OnAllows you to create new posts through Gravity Forms.1.0-beta-3.3Sign in
29367Gravity Forms Agile CRM AddonGravity Forms Agile CRM AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Agile CRM, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your…1.2Sign in
29368Gravity Forms Authorize net AddonGravity Forms Authorize net AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Authorize.Net, enabling end users to purchase goods and services through Gravity…2.7Sign in
29369Gravity Forms AWeber AddonGravity Forms AWeber AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with AWeber, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your AWeber…2.9Sign in
29370Gravity Forms Batchbook AddonGravity Forms Batchbook AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Batchbook, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your Batchbook…1.3Sign in
29371Gravity Forms Breeze AddonGravity Forms Breeze AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Breeze, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your Breeze…1.3.1Sign in
29372Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor AddonGravity Forms Campaign Monitor AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Campaign Monitor, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your…3.7.1Sign in
29373Gravity Forms Campfire AddonGravity Forms Campfire AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Campfire, allowing alerts for Gravity Forms activity to be posted to…1.2.2Sign in
29374Gravity Forms Capsule CRM AddonGravity Forms Capsule CRM AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Capsule CRM, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your…1.3.1Sign in
29375Gravity Forms Chained Selects AddonGravity Forms Chained Selects AddonAdds the powerful Chained Selects field type, allowing you to chain multiple Drop Downs together…1.3.2Sign in
29376Gravity Forms CleverReach AddonGravity Forms CleverReach AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with CleverReach, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your CleverReach…1.5.2Sign in
376350Gravity Forms CLIGravity Forms CLI Add-OnManage Gravity Forms with the WP CLI.1.1Sign in
1076562Gravity Forms Constant Contact Add-OnGravity Forms Constant Contact Add-OnIntegrates Gravity Forms with Constant Contact allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your…1.2Sign in
29377Gravity Forms Coupons AddonGravity Forms Coupons AddonEnables Gravity Forms administrators to create coupon codes that can be applied to products, services…2.9.3Sign in
937400Gravity Forms DebugGravity Forms Debug Add-OnHelps debug issues with Gravity Forms.1.0.beta12Sign in
29378Gravity Forms Dropbox AddonGravity Forms Dropbox AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Dropbox, enabling end users to upload files to Dropbox through Gravity…2.5Sign in
29379Gravity Forms Emma AddonGravity Forms Emma AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Emma, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your Emma…1.2.6Sign in
29380Gravity Forms Freshbooks AddonGravity Forms Freshbooks AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with FreshBooks Classic, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your…2.6Sign in
29381Gravity Forms GetResponse AddonGravity Forms GetResponse AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with GetResponse, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your GetResponse…1.2.2Sign in
329098Gravity Forms Gutenberg Add-OnGravity Forms Gutenberg Add-OnAdds a Gravity Forms block to the Gutenberg post editor.1.0-rc-1.4Sign in
29382Gravity Forms Help Scout AddonGravity Forms Help Scout AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Help Scout, enabling end users to create new Help Scout conversations.1.12.1Sign in
29383Gravity Forms Highrise AddonGravity Forms Highrise AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Highrise, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your Highrise…1.3Sign in
29384Gravity Forms HipChat AddonGravity Forms HipChat AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with HipChat, allowing alerts for Gravity Forms activity to be posted to…1.2Sign in
1095344Gravity Forms HubspotGravity Forms HubSpot Add-OnIntegrates Gravity Forms with HubSpot, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your HubSpot…1.2Sign in
29385Gravity Forms iContact AddonGravity Forms iContact AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with iContact, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your iContact…1.3.1Sign in
29386Gravity Forms Mad Mimi AddonGravity Forms Mad Mimi AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Mad Mimi, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your…1.2Sign in
29387Gravity Forms Mailchimp AddonGravity Forms Mailchimp AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with MailChimp, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your MailChimp…4.6.3Sign in
647819Gravity Forms Mailgun Add-OnGravity Forms Mailgun Add-OnIntegrates Gravity Forms with Mailgun, allowing Gravity Forms notifications to be sent from your Mailgun…1.1.2Sign in
29388Gravity Forms Partial Entries AddonGravity Forms Partial Entries AddonAdds support for partial submissions1.4.1Sign in
29389Gravity Forms Paypal Payments Pro AddonGravity Forms Paypal Payments Pro AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with PayPal Payments Pro, enabling end users to purchase goods and services…2.4.1Sign in
29390Gravity Forms Paypal Payments Standard AddonGravity Forms Paypal Payments Standard AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with PayPal Payments Standard, enabling end users to purchase goods and services…3.2.2Sign in
29391Gravity Forms Pipe Video Recording AddonGravity Forms Pipe Video Recording AddonRecord videos on your website with Pipe and add them to your Gravity Forms entries.1.1.1Sign in
29392Gravity Forms Polls AddonGravity Forms Polls AddonPolls Add-on for Gravity Forms3.4.2Sign in
927058Gravity Forms PostmarkGravity Forms Postmark Add-OnIntegrates Gravity Forms with Postmark, allowing Gravity Forms notifications to be sent from your Postmark…1.0.1Sign in
29393Gravity Forms Quiz AddonGravity Forms Quiz AddonQuiz Add-on for Gravity Forms3.2Sign in
937407Gravity Forms REST APIGravity Forms REST APIGravity Forms REST API Feature Add-On.2.0-rc-1Sign in
647300Gravity Forms SendGrid Add-OnGravity Forms SendGrid Add-OnIntegrates Gravity Forms with SendGrid, allowing Gravity Forms notifications to be sent from your SendGrid…1.2.1Sign in
29394Gravity Forms Signature AddonGravity Forms Signature AddonCreates a Gravity Forms signature field that allows users to sign online using a mouse…3.8.3Sign in
29395Gravity Forms Slack AddonGravity Forms Slack AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Slack, allowing alerts for Gravity Forms activity to be posted to…1.9Sign in
29396Gravity Forms Stripe AddonGravity Forms Stripe AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Stripe, enabling end users to purchase goods and services through Gravity…3.3.1Sign in
29397Gravity Forms Survey AddonGravity Forms Survey AddonSurvey Add-on for Gravity Forms3.4Sign in
29398Gravity Forms Trello AddonGravity Forms Trello AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Trello1.2.3Sign in
29399Gravity Forms Twilio AddonGravity Forms Twilio AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Twilio, allowing SMS messages to be sent upon submitting a Gravity…2.6.1Sign in
29400Gravity Forms User Registration AddonGravity Forms User Registration AddonAllows WordPress users to be automatically created upon submitting a Gravity Form4.4.4Sign in
29401Gravity Forms Webhooks AddonGravity Forms Webhooks AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with third party services using custom webhooks.1.2Sign in
29402Gravity Forms Zapier AddonGravity Forms Zapier AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Zapier, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your configured…3.2.1Sign in
29403Gravity Forms Zoho CRM AddonGravity Forms Zoho CRM AddonIntegrates Gravity Forms with Zoho CRM, allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your…1.8.3Sign in
29407Gravity PerksGravity PerksEffortlessly install and manage small functionality enhancements (aka "perks") for Gravity Forms.2.1.9Sign in
29406Gravity Perks Auto Login Add-OnGravity Perks Auto Login Add-OnAutomatically log users in after registration.1.3.5Sign in
29408Gravity Perks Better User Activation Add-OnGravity Perks Better User Activation Add-OnTake control of your Gravity Forms User Activation page.1.1.10Sign in
29409Gravity Perks Comment Blacklist Add-OnGravity Perks Comment Blacklist Add-OnValidate your form against your WordPress comment blacklist.1.2.6Sign in
29410Gravity Perks Conditional Logic Dates Add-OnGravity Perks Conditional Logic Dates Add-OnAllows Date fields to be used in Gravity Forms conditional logic.1.0.14Sign in
29411Gravity Perks Conditional Pricing Add-OnGravity Perks Conditional Pricing Add-OnCreate flexible, conditional pricing for your Gravity Form product fields.1.2.39Sign in
29412Gravity Perks Copy Cat Add-OnGravity Perks Copy Cat Add-OnAllow users to copy the value of one field to another automatically or by clicking…1.4.24Sign in
1101738GP Date Time CalculatorGravity Perks Date Time CalculatorUse Date and Time fields in your Gravity Forms calculation formulas to calculate the time…1.0-beta-3.12Sign in
29413Gravity Perks Disable Entry Creation Add-OnGravity Perks Disable Entry Creation Add-OnDisable entry creation per form with Gravity Forms.1.0.9Sign in
1098152Gravity Perks Easy PassthroughGravity Perks Easy PassthroughEasily transfer entry values from one Gravity Forms form to another.1.4.12Sign in
29414Gravity Perks eCommerce Fields Add-OnGravity Perks eCommerce Fields Add-OnMake Gravity Forms more eCommerce-friendly with support for Tax, Discounts, and Subtotal fields.1.0.34Sign in
29415Gravity Perks Email Users Add-OnGravity Perks Email Users Add-OnSend a quick email to all users who have submitted a specific form.1.3.9Sign in
29416Gravity Perks Expand Editor Textareas Add-OnGravity Perks Expand Editor Textareas Add-OnTiny textareas in the form editor can be a challenge! Load form editor textareas in…1.0.4Sign in
29417Gravity Perks Limit Checkboxes Add-OnGravity Perks Limit Checkboxes Add-OnLimit how many checkboxes can be checked.1.2.12Sign in
29418Gravity Perks Limit Choices Add-OnGravity Perks Limit Choices Add-OnLimit how many times a choice may be selected for Radio Button, Drop Down and…1.6.32Sign in
29419Gravity Perks Limit Dates Add-OnGravity Perks Limit Dates Add-OnLimit which days are selectable for your Gravity Forms Date Picker fields.1.0.20Sign in
229358Gravity Perks Limit SubmissionsGravity Perks Limit SubmissionsLimit the number of entries that can be submitted by almost anything (e.g. user, role,…1.0-beta-1.20Sign in
29420Gravity Perks Live Preview Add-OnGravity Perks Live Preview Add-OnPreview your forms on the frontend of your site.1.4.3Sign in
29421Gravity Perks Media Library Add-OnGravity Perks Media Library Add-OnUpload files from a Gravity Forms File Upload field to the WordPress media library.1.2.8Sign in
29422Gravity Perks Multi Page Form Navigation Add-OnGravity Perks Multi Page Form Navigation Add-OnNavigate between form pages quickly by converting the page steps into page links or creating…1.0.7Sign in
29434Gravity Perks Nested Forms Add-OnGravity Perks Nested Forms Add-OnCreate forms within forms for better management of complex forms. Formception!1.0-beta-8.26Sign in
29424Gravity Perks Pay Per Word Add-OnGravity Perks Pay Per Word Add-OnCreate products which calculate a total based on the number of words in a Paragraph…1.1.3Sign in
29423Gravity Perks PayPal One Time Fee Add-OnGravity Perks PayPal One Time Fee Add-OnAdd a one-time fee to the first payment of a PayPal Standard subscription.2.0.beta1.1Sign in
29425Gravity Perks Placeholder Add-OnGravity Perks Placeholder Add-OnAdd support for HTML5 placeholders to Gravity Forms.1.3.7Sign in
928205Gravity Perks Populate AnythingGravity Perks Populate AnythingPopulate fields from posts, users, entries, or databases.1.0-beta-4.14Sign in
29426Gravity Perks Post Content Merge Tags Add-OnGravity Perks Post Content Merge Tags Add-OnAdds support for Gravity Form merge tags in your post content.1.1.11Sign in
29427Gravity Perks Preview Submission Add-OnGravity Perks Preview Submission Add-OnAdd a simple submission preview to allow users to confirm their submission is correct before…1.2.15Sign in
29428Gravity Perks Price Range Add-OnGravity Perks Price Range Add-OnSpecify a minimum/maximum price for "User Defined Price" product fields.1.1Sign in
29429Gravity Perks Read Only Add-OnGravity Perks Read Only Add-OnMark your form fields as read-only to allow users to see field data but not…1.3.11Sign in
29430Gravity Perks Reload Form Add-OnGravity Perks Reload Form Add-OnReload the form following an AJAX submission. Useful in situations where you would like to…1.1.17Sign in
29431Gravity Perks Terms of Service Add-OnGravity Perks Terms of Service Add-OnAdd a "Terms of Service" field to your forms.1.3.13Sign in
29432Gravity Perks Unique ID Add-OnGravity Perks Unique ID Add-OnGenerate unique IDs (i.e. reference numbers, codes, invoice numbers, etc.) on submission for your Gravity…1.3.16Sign in
29433Gravity Perks Word Count Add-OnGravity Perks Word Count Add-OnLimit the number of words that can be submitted in a Single Line Text, Paragraph…1.4.5Sign in
29405Gravity ViewGravity ViewThe best, easiest way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website.2.5.1Sign in
1103592GravityView - A-Z FiltersGravityView – A-Z FiltersFilter your entries by letters of the alphabet.1.2.1Sign in
1103591GravityView - Advanced FilterGravityView – Advanced FilterFilter which entries are shown in a View based on their values.1.3Sign in
1103593GravityView - CalendarGravityView – CalendarDisplay entries in a FullCalendar & GravityView.1.1Sign in
1103594GravityView - DataTablesGravityView – DataTablesDisplay entries in a dynamic table powered by DataTables & GravityView.2.4.2Sign in
1103595GravityView - DIY LayoutGravityView – DIY LayoutDesigners & developers: build your own GravityView layouts2.1.2.1Sign in
1103596GravityView - Entry RevisionsGravityView – Entry RevisionsTrack changes to Gravity Forms entries and restore values from earlier versions.1.0.2Sign in
1103597GravityView - Featured EntriesGravityView – Featured EntriesPromote entries as Featured in Views2.0.4Sign in
1103598GravityView - Gravity Forms Import EntriesGravityView – Gravity Forms Import EntriesThe best way to import entries into Gravity Forms.2.1.4Sign in
1103599GravityView - Inline EditGravityView – Inline EditEdit your fields inline in Gravity Forms and GravityView.1.3.2Sign in
1103600GravityView - MapsGravityView – MapsDisplay your GravityView entries on a map.1.7.1Sign in
1103601GravityView - MathGravityView – MathPerform calculations inside or outside GravityView using the [gv_math] shortcode. Requires PHP 7.1 or higher1.2Sign in
1103602GravityView - Multiple FormsGravityView – Multiple FormsDisplay values from multiple forms in a single View.0.1-beta.2Sign in
1103603GravityView - Ratings & ReviewsGravityView – Ratings & ReviewsAdd support for Ratings and Reviews of entries in GravityView2.0.1Sign in
1103604GravityView - Social Sharing & SEOGravityView – Social Sharing & SEOEnable sharing in concert with the Jetpack, JP Sharing, and ShareThis plugins. Integrates with WordPress…2.0Sign in
1105728Happy Elementor Addons ProHappy Elementor Addons ProHappyAddons is a collection of slick, powerful widgets that works seamlessly with Elementor page builder.…1.3.0Sign in
29161Hide My WPHide My WPAn excellent security plugin to hide your WordPress installation packed with some of the coolest…6.1Sign in
29162HTML5 Video Player & AdvertisingHTML5 Video Player & AdvertisingResponsive HTML5 video player with optional advertising system3.0Sign in
287784Indeed Ultimate Affiliate ProIndeed Ultimate Affiliate ProThe most complete and easy to use Affiliate system Plugin that provides you a complete…5.7Sign in
376021Ultimate Learning ProIndeed Ultimate Learning ProA Premium WordPress plugin ready to manage a full e-learning platform.2.1.1Sign in
42010Instagram Feed - WordPress Instagram GalleryInstagram Feed – WordPress Instagram GalleryAdd Instagram images to your website to engage your visitors.3.8.4Sign in
1105237Interlinks ManagerInterlinks ManagerManages the internal links of your WordPress website.1.23Sign in
29435iThemes BackupBuddyiThemes BackupBuddyThe most complete WordPress solution for Backup, Restoration, Migration, and Deployment to the same host… in
29436iThemes Security ProiThemes Security ProTake the guesswork out of WordPress security. iThemes Security offers 30 ways to lock down…6.3.3Sign in
300389Jet Blocks For ElementorJet Blocks For ElementorThe basic utilitary widgets for implementing additional functionality to headers, footers and special sections built…1.2.0Sign in
300404Jet Blog For ElementorJet Blog For ElementorBlogging Package for Elementor Page Builder2.2.1Sign in
203266Jet ElementsJet Elements For ElementorBrand new addon for Elementor Page builder. It provides the set of modules to create…2.2.6Sign in
300414Jet Engine For ElementorJet Engine For ElementorThe ultimate solution for managing custom post types, taxonomies and meta boxes.2.1.4Sign in
300430Jet Menu For ElementorJet Menu For ElementorA top-notch mega menu addon for Elementor. Use it to create a fully responsive mega…1.5.15Sign in
1068490Jet Parallax for ElementorJet Parallax for ElementorJetParallax is a plugin for Elementor live page builder allowing to create mesmerizing parallax effects…1.0.6Sign in
345610Jet Popup ElementorJet Popup for ElementorThe advanced plugin for creating popups with Elementor1.3.0Sign in
928754Jet Product GalleryJet Product Gallery For ElementorYour perfect tool for creating WooCommerce Single Product Gallery1.0.1Sign in
300500Jet Reviews For ElementorJet Reviews For ElementorJetReviews - Reviews Widget for Elementor Page Builder1.3.0Sign in
928731Jet Search for ElementorJet Search For ElementorThe best tool for adding complex search functionality to pages built with Elementor2.1.1Sign in
928745Jet Smart FiltersJet Smart Filters For ElementorAdds easy-to-use AJAX filters to the pages built with Elementor which contain the dynamic listings.1.6.1Sign in
300508Jet Tabs For ElementorJet Tabs For ElementorJetTabs - Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder2.1.1Sign in
300567Jet Theme Core Compatibility Kit For ElementorJet Theme Core Compatibility Kit For ElementorJetThemeCore Compatibility Kit1.1.0Sign in
300554Jet Theme CoreJet Theme Core For ElementorMost powerful plugin created to make building websites super easy1.1.17Sign in
300520Jet Tricks For ElementorJet Tricks For ElementorUse different eye-catching stylish animation effects and let your content become truly alive with outstanding…1.2.6Sign in
300536Jet Woo Builder For ElementorJet Woo Builder For ElementorYour perfect tool for creating WooCommerce Single Product page templates1.6.0Sign in
1101728Jet BookingJetBookingAllows creating a booking functionality for your residence with an availability check, which means your…1.0.3Sign in
1068476JetCompareWishlist For ElementorJetCompareWishlist For ElementorJetCompareWishlist - Compare and Wishlist functionality for Elementor Page Builder1.0.1Sign in
1101729Jet Style ManagerJetStyleManagerStyle manager for Crocoblock plugins1.0.0-betaSign in
29164Justified Image GridJustified Image GridCreates beautiful photo grids from sources you already use.3.9.5Sign in
287789Layered PopupsLayered PopupsCreate multi-layers animated popups.6.62Sign in
153029LayerSlider WPLayerSlider WPLayerSlider is a premium multi-purpose content creation and animation platform. Easily create sliders, image galleries,…6.10.0Sign in
336446Learndash ConvertKitLearndash ConvertKit by Real Big PluginsConvertKit Integration for LearnDash1.1.0Sign in
336478Learndash GradebookLearndash Gradebook by Real Big PluginsAdds Gradebook functionality to LearnDash LMS.1.6.3Sign in
29437LearnDash LMSLearnDash LMSLearnDash LMS Plugin - Turn your WordPress site into a learning management system.3.1.3Sign in
29438LearnDash LMS 2Checkout Add-OnLearnDash LMS 2Checkout Add-On2Checkout payment gateway for LearnDash LMS.1.1.0Sign in
29439LearnDash LMS BBPress Integration Add-OnLearnDash LMS BBPress Integration Add-OnLearnDash integration with the bbPress plugin that allows to create private forums for user's enrolled…2.1.1Sign in
29440LearnDash LMS Course Access Manager Add-OnLearnDash LMS Course Access Manager Add-OnMakes it easy to protect and sell online course content1.0Sign in
29441LearnDash LMS Course Grid Add-OnLearnDash LMS Course Grid Add-OnLearnDash Course Grid1.5.5Sign in
29442LearnDash LMS EDD Integration Plugin Add-OnLearnDash LMS EDD Integration Plugin Add-OnLearnDash integration plugin for EDD1.2.0Sign in
29443LearnDash LMS Event Espresso Add-OnLearnDash LMS Event Espresso Add-OnLearnDash Event Espresso integration plugin1.1.0Sign in
29444LearnDash LMS GrassBlade Add-OnLearnDash LMS GrassBlade Add-OnGrassBlade - xAPI Companion is a support tool for Experience API (xAPI) or Tin Can…0.1.0Sign in
29445LearnDash LMS GravityForms Add-OnLearnDash LMS GravityForms Add-OnLearnDash GravityForms Addon2.1.1Sign in
29446LearnDash LMS iThemes Exchange Add-OnLearnDash LMS iThemes Exchange Add-OnLearnDash iThemes Exchange Integration Plugin1.1Sign in
29447LearnDash LMS JigoShop Integration Add-OnLearnDash LMS JigoShop Integration Add-OnLearnDash JigoShop Integration Plugin1.1Sign in
29448LearnDash LMS MemberPress Add-OnLearnDash LMS MemberPress Add-OnIntegrate LearnDash LMS with MemberPress2.0Sign in
29449LearnDash LMS Notifications Add-OnLearnDash LMS Notifications Add-OnCreate and send notification emails to the users.1.3.0Sign in
29450LearnDash LMS Paid Memberships Pro Add-OnLearnDash LMS Paid Memberships Pro Add-OnLearnDash integration with the Paid Memberships Pro plugin that allows to control the course's access…1.1.1Sign in
29451LearnDash LMS Pro Panel Add-OnLearnDash LMS Pro Panel Add-OnEasily manage and view your LearnDash LMS activity.2.1.3Sign in
82600learndash restrict content proLearnDash LMS Restrict Content ProIntegrate LearnDash LMS with Restrict Content Pro.1.1.0Sign in
29452LearnDash LMS Samcart Integration Add-OnLearnDash LMS Samcart Integration Add-OnIntegrate Samcart with LearnDash.1.0Sign in
29453LearnDash LMS Stripe Integration Add-OnLearnDash LMS Stripe Integration Add-OnIntegrate Stripe payment gateway with LearnDash.1.3.0Sign in
29454LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration Add-OnLearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration Add-OnLearnDash WooCommerce Integration Plugin1.6.0Sign in
29455LearnDash LMS Zapier Add-OnLearnDash LMS Zapier Add-OnLearnDash Zapier Integration Plugin.2.0.0Sign in
336506Learndash MailchimpLearndash Mailchimp by Real Big PluginsMailChimp Integration for LearnDash1.1.0Sign in
336496Learndash SlackLearndash Slack by Real Big PluginsSlack Integration for LearnDash1.2.6Sign in
29165Let’s ReviewLet’s ReviewThe ultimate review plugin for WordPress3.1.1Sign in
29688Labels AstoundifyListing Labels for WP Job ManagerAdd labels to listings to further organize site structure.2.5.3Sign in
29689Listing Payments AstoundifyListing Payments for WP Job ManagerSell listings via WooCommerce.2.2.1Sign in
202897Livemesh Elementor AddonsLivemesh Addons for Elementor (Premium)A collection of premium quality addons or widgets for use in Elementor page builder. Elementor…2.9.6Sign in
1101733LoginPress - Auto LoginLoginPress – Auto LoginLoginPress - Auto Login is the best Login plugin that allows you to login without…1.0.7Sign in
1101736LoginPress - FreeLoginPress – FreeLoginPress is the best wp-login Login Page Customizer plugin by that allows you to completely…1.4.2Sign in
1101737LoginPress - Hide LoginLoginPress – Hide LoginLoginPress is the best wp-login Hide Login plugin which allows you to hide the wp-login.php.1.2.1Sign in
1101732LoginPress - Limit Login AttemptsLoginPress – Limit Login AttemptsLoginPress - Limit Login Attempts is the best for wp-login Login Attemps plugin which allows…1.2.2Sign in
1101734LoginPress - Login WidgetLoginPress – Login WidgetLoginPress - Login widget is the best Login plugin which allows you to login from…1.0.5Sign in
1101735LoginPress - Redirect LoginLoginPress – Redirect LoginLoginPress is the best wp-login Login Redirects plugin allows you to redirect user after login.1.1.4Sign in
1101731LoginPress - Social LoginLoginPress – Social LoginThis is a premium add-on of the LoginPress WordPress plugin which allows you to login…1.2.0Sign in
1101730LoginPress ProLoginPress ProThis plugin adds premium features in your LoginPress plugin.2.3.2Sign in
287776Lumise - Product Designer ToolLumise – Product Designer ToolThe professional solution for designing & printing online1.7.6Sign in
29166Mailster Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPressMailster Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPressAdvanced Newsletter Plugin for WordPress. Create, Send and Track your Newsletter Campaigns2.4.7Sign in
29456MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor ExtensionMainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor ExtensionMainWP Extension for real-time uptime monitoring.5.0.1Sign in
29457MainWP Article Uploader ExtensionMainWP Article Uploader ExtensionMainWP Article Uploader Extension allows you to bulk upload articles to your dashboard and publish…4.0Sign in
29458MainWP Backup WordPress ExtensionMainWP Backup WordPress ExtensionMainWP BackUpWordPress Extension combines the power of your MainWP Dashboard with the popular WordPress BackUpWordPress…4.0.1Sign in
29459MainWP BackWPUp ExtensionMainWP BackWPUp ExtensionMainWP BackWPup Extension combines the power of your MainWP Dashboard with the popular WordPress BackWPup…4.0.1Sign in
29460MainWP BlogVault Backup ExtensionMainWP BlogVault Backup ExtensionMainWP BlogVault Backup Extension allows you to claim your 25% discount for the BlogVault Backup…1.3Sign in