Gravity Perks

What are Gravity Perks?

Gravity Perks are add-ons to the already awesome Gravity Forms that take the existing functionality to the next level by way of many different add-ons or ‘Perks’ as they call them.

They are made by Gravitywiz and you can find the documentation and see what Gravity Perks can do for you by clicking the link below.

Plugin NameVersionLast UpdatedDownload
GP - Base Plugin1.2.18.62017-03-21 Download
GP Auto Login1.3.12017-02-28 Download
GP Comment Blacklist1.2.12017-02-28 Download
GP Conditional Logic Dates1.0.beta6.42017-02-28 Download
GP Conditional Pricing1.2.272017-03-26 Download
GP Copy Cat1.4.172017-03-28 Download
GP Disable Entry Creation1.0.62017-02-28 Download
GP eCommerce Fields1.0.beta1.42017-03-26 Download
GP Email Users1.3.12017-02-28 Download
GP Expand Editor Textareas1.0.22017-02-28 Download
GP Limit Checkboxes1.22017-03-28 Download
GP Limit Choices1.6.142017-02-28 Download
GP Limit Dates1.0.32017-02-28 Download
GP Live Preview1.2.52017-02-28 Download
GP Media Library1.0.72017-03-16 Download
GP Multi Page Form Navigation1.0.beta2.112017-02-28 Download
GP PayPal One Time Fee2.0.beta1.12017-02-28 Download
GP Pay Per Word1.0.72017-02-28 Download
GP Placeholder1.3.42017-02-28 Download
GP Post Content Merge Tags1.0.beta1.52017-03-08 Download
GP Preview Submission1.2.62017-03-08 Download
GP Price Range1.0.42017-02-28 Download
GP Read Only1.2.142017-03-08 Download
GP Reload Form1.1.122017-02-28 Download
GP Terms of Service1.3.52017-03-08 Download
GP Unique ID1.3.12017-03-08 Download
GP Word Count1.4.42017-02-28 Download