WP Types

The plugins at wp-types [dot] com, developed by On The Go Systems, allow developers to set custom post types on their websites in the form of posts, maps, forms, layouts and more.

You can visit the developers website if you require documentation on how to get the best out of this custom tool suite.

Plugin NameVersionLast UpdatedDownload
Access2.4.3.52018-01-17 Download
Advanced Export1.0.02017-01-27 Download
Avada Integration1.5.32017-05-26 Download
Cornerstone Integration1.22017-02-23 Download
CRED1.9.52018-02-07 Download
CRED Commerce1.6.12018-01-09 Download
CRED Layouts2.22018-01-09 Download
Customizr Integration1.32017-02-24 Download
Divi Integration1.7.22017-05-26 Download
Framework Installer3.0.02018-04-13 Download
Genesis Integration1.9.22017-05-26 Download
Maps1.4.22018-02-27 Download
Module Manager1.6.92017-10-05 Download
Starter Theme1.4.22017-05-26 Download
Twenty Fifteen Integration1.42017-05-26 Download
Twenty Seventeen Integration1.2.12017-05-26 Download
Twenty Sixteen Integration1.4.12017-03-16 Download
Types2.2.232018-04-08 Download
Views2.5.22018-01-09 Download
WooCommerce Views2.7.62018-03-21 Download