WPfomify is a social proof marketing plugin for WordPress.

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out and can be used to create buyer urgency.

You might have seen those little popups in the corner of your screen on e-commerce sites that say “James bought a product 3 hours ago” – if you want the same on your site, then these plugins are for you.

Plugin NameVersionUpdatedDownload
WPFomify1.1.02017-10-12 Download
WPFomify Active Campaign1.0.02017-10-12 Download
WPFomify ConvertKit1.0.02017-10-12 Download
WPFomify Drip1.0.02017-10-12 Download
WPFomify EDD1.0.02017-10-12 Download
WPFomify GIVE1.0.02017-10-12 Download
WPFomify LifterLMS1.0.02017-10-12 Download
WPFomify Mailchimp1.0.12017-10-12 Download
WPFomify WooCommerce1.0.02017-10-12 Download