Last Updated - 25 November 2022
Beaver Builder WordPress Plugin
As you may know we try each month to bring something new into the site. We get lots of requests and have a shopping list of items that people want (roll on Black Friday!). But there's one plugin that has been requested twice as much as anything else and the giant beaver graphic may have... Continue reading →
Yoast Nag Screens
UPDATE: 09 March 2017 Just a simple code snippet for anyone that has installed the Yoast plugins only to find themselves getting annoyed at the nag screens to register the plugin. First you will need to unzip the plugin. Next you will need to locate the licence manager file: vendor\yoast\license-manager\class-license-manager.php at around line 305 you... Continue reading →
A big WPMU DEV update today with 37 plugins and 7 themes added to our directory. Most of these are updates although there are a couple of new additions, notably the Gillie theme and also the Hummingbird plugin, amongst others. Please note, we've had a few people ask us if we can make the Smush... Continue reading →
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