Last Updated - 21 May 2024

How to get rid of Yoast admin nag screens

How to get rid of Yoast admin nag screens


UPDATE: 09 March 2017

Just a simple code snippet for anyone that has installed the Yoast plugins only to find themselves getting annoyed at the nag screens to register the plugin.

First you will need to unzip the plugin.

Next you will need to locate the licence manager file:


at around line 305 you should see code that looks like this:

* Checks whether the license status is active
* @return boolean True if license is active
public function license_is_valid() {
 return ( $this->get_license_status() === 'valid' );

You need to change it to this:

public function license_is_valid() {
 return true;

All done.

Save the file, rezip the plugin and upload it onto your website or SFTP transfer the amended file onto your server.

You just need to remember that whenever you update the plugin this code will be overwritten so it’s something you’ll need to come back to again in the future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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