Last Updated - 20 June 2024

How to bypass Gravity Forms license.

How to bypass Gravity Forms license.


We regularly get questions about Gravity Forms and what to do when you’ve just installed the plugin and you’re facing a licence key box.

Here’s a quick run through.

Okay so, first thing you do is ignore the box. Just leave it blank. You only need to complete the box if you have a licence key. The plugin will work fine without it.

This applies to all the plugins on GPL Vault.

How to bypass Gravity Forms license.

Just hit the blue button that says NEXT

Then you will come to this screen which tells you that not having a licence means you can’t update the plugin for important updates.

Of course this isn’t really true because you can download them from us and we run updates at least every 24-48 hours. Just be sure to bookmark our changelog page and keep an eye open for updates.

How to bypass Gravity Forms license.

Again, check the tick box and hit the blue NEXT button.

How to bypass Gravity Forms license.

Are you absolutely sure! Yes, of course we are!

Again, tick the box and turn off background updates because these won’t run in any case.

Hit the blue NEXT button. We’re nearly there now.

How to bypass Gravity Forms license.

Okay, so we are through the nag screens. Now just set your website currency. Enable the no conflict mode if you find that the plugin is causing conflicts on your website but otherwise just keep the default settings.

Hit that NEXT button again. One last time.

How to bypass Gravity Forms license.

Installation is complete! Go create some awesome forms!

Remember that in addition to Gravity Forms we also have Gravity Perks on the site as well as one or two other Gravity add-ons to enhance the functions of the core plugin.

We always say it, if you’re getting a lot out of using Gravity Forms then try to support the original developer if you can afford to do so.

Any questions then fire us a note using the live chat or our contact form.


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